About Arkansas LiveScan

Arkansas LiveScan is an Arkansas-based company that specializes in digital fingerprint scanning. Our services greatly shorten turnaround time for the background checks required in many professions.

Why Use Arkansas LiveScan?

Capturing fingerprints on paper can be difficult. A subset of the general population has hard-to-read fingerprints. This is due to many reasons, which include the individual’s age, exposure to work (such as construction) or exposure to chemicals. These are non-issues for Arkansas LiveScan–as our equipment is far more accurate–with some of the lowest reject rates in the industry.

Instead of the old-school, messy and unreliable ink fingerprint process - our digital fingerprinting equipment can capture and submit high-quality fingerprints to agencies such as the FBI and the Arkansas State Police for background check purposes.

Additionally, Arkansas LiveScan assists agencies with the background check process, providing the shortest turnaround times available in Arkansas. The entire Arkansas Live Scan digital fingerprinting and background check process takes as short as 1-3 days, compared to weeks with the old-school paper and ink fingerprinting process.

What Industries Does Live Scan Serve?

Private Security


Real Estate


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